PRE horses

All of our horses are of the pure Spanish breed "Pura Raza Española", PRE horses, or Andalusian/Spanish horses as they are often referred to. This breed is one of the oldest in existence.  We chose the PRE breed especially because of their very good temperament and their willingness to perform. They are easily recognized by their expressive movements, powerful appearance and extreme beauty. This together with their superb ability to collect for the advanced exercises, makes them perfect for dressage.

Divino LVII

Gender: Gelding
Birthdate: 2008-02-26
Level: High
Price level: E

"Divino" is a horse for dressage on the highest level. He has now done his debut in Grand Prix and GPS, after competing extensively from he was 4 years old, and we can´t see any limit for what he i...

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