The art of breeding horses has many theories. We have chosen the model of great variety from highly qualified horses and from there, selected the best horses to bring the characteristics we are searching for in our foals. Through this procedure, we have achieved a strain of fertile, quality mares who deliver the best foals. Asides from our healthy mares, we have four outstanding stallions that we use in our breeding - Jeque XXVII, Divino LVII, Jaqueton XXX and Navideño (Cartushian). We also buy semen from other quality stallions when we need to compliment the breeding lines, but mainly we use our own. We have created well-trained and beautiful horses as you will see.

Technically, we have a modern fully equipped breeding installation with laboratory, including equipment needed for examinations and freezing semen, in order to avoid disturbing our stallions during the intensive competition season.

You will find us in

Casares between Marbella and Gibraltar on Ctra A-377, km 16.

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Gunilla: +34 669 819 014
Pia: +34 664 375 633

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