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Thank you card from a client!

Thank you card from a client!

This postcard was send to us spontaniously from a thankful client! What more can be said? Underneath will follow more comments from both her and other clients who have bought PRE horses from us. Just positive and satisfied ones. Do you really want to be secure when buying PRE horses? Always make a contact with Cortijo el Robledal! 


Malvito was sold to Marion Karden-Ott in Seefeld, Germany: Buying Malvito was the best thing I ever did! It was love at first sight, and he was worth every penny! I kept on looking at other PRE horses but none of them could even be compared to Malvito. Either the horses were nothing, or I could not trust the sellers as they had no relationship with the horses they were offering. With Simone (our representative in Germany) this was completely different. I would also trust her today and at any time, to take care of my Malvito! Here you will see Malvito arriving at his new home.


Cirano was bought by Gerrit Bauer from Emden: Cirano gives me more and more pleasure every day! He is really nice. His Coolness fascinates me. If he gets a little bit unsecure he will never panic, he hesitates briefly and then he does what I ask him to do, unbelievable! Nevertheless I would also like to thank you for your honesty, because he is really exactly as you have described him. I have never had the feeling of beeing tricked, that is a good feeling.


Ramses was bought by Patricia Koriath from Pulheim in Germany: Ramses is extremely social, friendly, very curious and willing to learn. He likes to be occupied and also takes part in everything. Exceptionally fearless and he has many talents. A real heart breaker and everybodys darling! I could go on writing about him, but then this will end up as a book!

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